Poster Session


A poster session will be held Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

Titles for posters should be sent to Paul Souder, Syracuse University ( Include "PAVI14 Poster" in the subject line.

List of posters


Kurtis Bartlett College of William and Mary Beam Normal Single Spin Asymmetries in Qweak: Aluminum and Carbon
Dominik Becker JGU Mainz Studies regarding a solenoid spectrometer for Project P2
Ciprian Gal Stony Brook University Using parity violating single spin asymmetries in W production to access anti-quark polarized parton distribution functions at PHENIX
Kathrin Gerz Institut fur Kernphysik Mainz P2 - Detector development studies for the measurement of the weak mixing angle
Donald Jones University of Virginia Compton Polarimetry for Hall C at Jefferson Lab
Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis University of Virginia Correcting for Backgrounds in the Qweak Experiment
Anna Lee Virginia Tech Parity-Violating Asymmetry in the N-> ∆ Transition
Matthias Molitor U Mainz A high precision double scattering Mott-Polarimeter for MESA
Peng Zang Syracuse University Dithering Matrix Correlation Removal for Qweak Experiment


Kent Paschke (Co-Chair UVa)
Paul Souder (Co-Chair Syracuse U)
Dmitry Budker (Helmholtz Institute Mainz and UC Berkeley)
Kees de Jager (JLab)
Stanley Kowalski (MIT)
Krishna Kumar (UMass)
Frank Maas (Mainz-GSI)
Paul E. Reimer (ANL)
Guido Maria Urciuoli (INFN-Rome)
Willem T.H. van Oers (TRIUMF)
Ross Young  (UAdelaide)
Events Coordinator: Sandra Souder

Advisory Committee

David Armstrong (C. William & Mary)
Marie-Anne Bouchiat (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel) 
Eugene Chudakov (JLab)
Abhay Deshpande (SUNY Stony Brook)
Peter Fierlinger (T.U. Munich)
Marcello Giorgi (INFN-Pisa)
Wick C. Haxton (UC-Berkeley)
Barry R. Holstein (UMass)
J. Timothy Londergan (Indiana U)
William Marciano (BNL)
Antonio Masiero (INFN-Padova)
Hugh Montgomery (JLab)
Michael Ramsey-Musolf (UMass)
Matt Poelker (JLab)
Anthony Thomas (UAdelaide)
Marc Vanderhaeghen (UMainz)