Slides and posters



Michael Ramsey-Musolf Overview of parity-violation and new physics pdf
Tim Chupp EDM Overview pdfppt
Gerald Gabrielse New results on electron EDM from ACME pdf
Emlyn Hughes Physics @ high energy proton colliders pdf
Nathan Leefer PNC in stable atoms pdf
Jaideep Singh Progress toward radium EDM pdf
Kurt Aulenbacher MESA as a driver for PV electron scattering pdf
David Gaskell Electron beam polarimetry — Moller and Compton pdf
Timothy Gay Low energy electron beam polarimetry pdf



William Marciano Future precision parity violation vs. SM and beyond theory pdf
Xiaochao Zheng PVDIS at 6 GeV pdf
Roger Carlini Recent results from the Q-weak experiment at JLab pdf
Frank Maas P2 at Mainz pdfppt
Mark Pitt MOLLER pdf
Hye-Sung Lee Dark parity violation pdf
Silviu Covrig High power cryotargets for parity-violating electron scattering pdf
Michael Gericke Detectors for PV electron scattering pdf
Oscar Moreno Strangeness global fit and carbon-12 pdf
Gerry Miller Charge symmetry violation in the nucleon pdf
Sebastian Baunack The PVA4 experiment pdf



Wally Meinitchouk Parity-violation in DIS pdf
Rakitha Beminiwattha SoLID pdf
Chen-Yeh Seng Hadronic physics and higher twist in PVDIS pdf
Ross Young Partonic charge symmetry violation on the lattice pdf
Seamus Riordan Large Z targets for SoLID pdf
Robert Michaels Electron beam monitoring for next generation experiments pdf



Charles Horowitz Calculation of neutron skins in heavy nuclei
Robert Rutledge Neutron stars
X. Roca Maza Parity violating asymmetry, dipole polarizability, and the neutron skin thickness in 48Ca and 208Pb pdf
Juliette Mammei The PREX and CREX experiments ppt
Concettina Sfienti Mainz P2 for neutron radius pdf
Betty Tsang Symmetry energy in heavy ions pdf
Dan Watts Neutron skin from coherent pi-zero production pdf, ppt
Matteo Vorabbi Parity violating asymmetry for 208Pb pdf
Michael Snow Future prospects for hadronic parity violation measurements pdf, ppt
Hartmut Wittig Low-energy precision observables and the role of lattice QCD ppt
Patricia Aguar Bartolome Moller polarimetry with an atomic hydrogen target ppt
Jianhui Zhang Parton distribution functions and matching pdf



Misha Gorschtein Dispersion corrections
Peter Blunden Box diagrams in PVES
Marc Vanderhaeghen Proton radius — A status update pdf
Kevin McFarland Minerva pdfppt
Katherine Mesick MUSE: A proton radius measurement at PSI pdf
Dustin McNulty Transverse spin asymmetry observations pdf
Buddhini Waidyawansa Transverse spin asymmetry measurements in Qweak pdf
Thomas Burton Electroweak physics at the EIC pdf
Sonny Mantry 1-jettiness: A new global event shape for DIS pdf
David Armstrong Workshop summary pdf

Poster session


Kurtis Bartlett Beam Normal Single Spin Asymmetries in Qweak: Aluminum and Carbon pdf
Dominik Becker Studies regarding a solenoid spectrometer for Project P2 pdf
Ciprian Gal Using parity violating single spin asymmetries in W production to access anti-quark polarized parton distribution functions at PHENIX pdf
Kathrin Gerz P2 - Detector development studies for the measurement of the weak mixing angle
Donald Jones Compton Polarimetry for Hall C at Jefferson Lab pdf
Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis Correcting for Backgrounds in the Qweak Experiment pdf
Anna Lee Parity-Violating Asymmetry in the N-> ∆ Transition pdf
Matthias Molitor A high precision double scattering Mott-Polarimeter for MESA pdf
Peng Zang Dithering Matrix Correlation Removal for Qweak Experiment pdf


Kent Paschke (Co-Chair UVa)
Paul Souder (Co-Chair Syracuse U)
Dmitry Budker (Helmholtz Institute Mainz and UC Berkeley)
Kees de Jager (JLab)
Stanley Kowalski (MIT)
Krishna Kumar (UMass)
Frank Maas (Mainz-GSI)
Paul E. Reimer (ANL)
Guido Maria Urciuoli (INFN-Rome)
Willem T.H. van Oers (TRIUMF)
Ross Young  (UAdelaide)
Events Coordinator: Sandra Souder

Advisory Committee

David Armstrong (C. William & Mary)
Marie-Anne Bouchiat (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel) 
Eugene Chudakov (JLab)
Abhay Deshpande (SUNY Stony Brook)
Peter Fierlinger (T.U. Munich)
Marcello Giorgi (INFN-Pisa)
Wick C. Haxton (UC-Berkeley)
Barry R. Holstein (UMass)
J. Timothy Londergan (Indiana U)
William Marciano (BNL)
Antonio Masiero (INFN-Padova)
Hugh Montgomery (JLab)
Michael Ramsey-Musolf (UMass)
Matt Poelker (JLab)
Anthony Thomas (UAdelaide)
Marc Vanderhaeghen (UMainz)